Janny van der molen
Graphic Designer| Illustrator 
Leyla Ali

Fifty women who know what they want
 Everyone needs heroes;  people who inspire you to get the best out of it.  This book contains the true stories of fifty special girls and women.
 From Florence Nightingale to Hannie Schaft, from Floortje Dessing to Michelle Obama.
 Scientists, artists, activists, world travelers ... Women who follow their hearts, make their own choices and cannot be stopped by anyone or anything!
Creative brief

I had a great opportunity to contribute as one of the illustrators who worked on this book.
It was really fun to work on a project about women with other fellow illustrators.
I have made two illustrations, first was about Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaja, who was murdered because of the material she was working on, and the second illustration was made based on a story of the first Dutch female spy Hannie Schaft.

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