Minority is the first LGBTQ+ magazine in Azerbaijan.
 Since the founding of the magazine, I have been working with editors to provide Azerbaijani people with information about human rights, activists, sexual minorities, the main purpose of the magazine is to educate readers and try to debunk myths and deep-rooted stereotypes.
 In 2018, the Minority website was also opened, now all the latest news from around the world as well as local news are published on the website, and author’s articles are published in the magazine as well as news about the culture.
"In a time 
when our world is globalizing, and the differences of all types of people are fading away, including nationality, race, religion, it’s very important that LGBT people alongside all other minorities find their place in the society. This is especially true for countries that are integrating into the European world, and stepping towards democracy.
Being the first LGBTI magazine in Azerbaijan, Minority takes the responsibility of presenting LGBTI people's world from another perspective. 
Minority magazine shows LGBT people’s inner world in a creative, intellectual and scientific way. 
Being a minority does not mean being weak. Together we can change everything for the better!"

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